Screen Printing Equipments

ASPE started similar to a lot of other successful companies, by accident!

Our founder Alexander Szyszko has been in the silk screening printing industry for over 35 years. From those years he has acquired over 24 patents in the United States and has become an expert when it comes to engineering and manufacturing in the printing industry.

After observing bottle-necking issues within the textile industry Szyszko worked one-on-one with a California-based customer to create a revolutionary new tag-less T-shirt printing process. Szyszko knew he had a new business in his hands when the customer purchased 4 more units after using the first machine. Szyszko and his son went on to present the machine to various different screen printing companies around Southern California. Both quickly realized that this has world wide potential. They also realized that the machine is not only good for tagless shirts but also for promotional products. After understanding the demand for promotional products something had to be done to increase production in order to make the process cheaper and more efficient. Szyszko’s machine turned out to be the perfect solution.

In 3 years time, the RapidTag has grown to become a true player in the screen printing industry and now offers full customization on any machine.

The ASPE Founder now has his eyes on bigger ideas. He is purposely excluding himself from the company so he can focus on finishing his other projects. His new products/ ideas are projected to be available to the public in 2015.