ASPE is a screen printing machinery manufacturing company, dedicated to the innovation and quality of the textile and promotional products industries. Our highly regarded RapidTag has revolutionized the industry with its leading-edge technological advances.
All of us here at ASPE strive for on-time performance, service, and quality. We listen to our customers and work hard to deliver flawlessly and dependably.


Our founder, Alexander Szyszko (the original owner of M & R) has been in the screen printing industry for over 40 years. In this time, he has become an expert in engineering, manufacturing, and innovating screen printing equipment.
In the past, screen printers used pad printing or large automatic machines to produce tagless labels. Those methods have some pros and cons but ultimately were not efficient enough for today’s production demands. Skiva Graphics’ owners (Leon and Stasia Monford) requested a more efficient way to print tagless labels.

Alex designed, manufactured, and assembled what is now known as the RapidTag.  Leon and Stasia were very impressed with the machine and quickly ordered 4 more RapidTags. The initial orders from Skiva Graphics created A.S.P.E., Inc.

​RapidTag | How it all Started

A.S.P.E., Inc. currently sells the RapidTag worldwide in a wide variety of models with special customization opportunities, constantly updating its products, equipment, and facilities to become more efficient each day.

A.S.P.E., Inc. has placed the RapidTag in over 75 countries as of today. 

“I want to thank everyone who is a part of this journey, we have had lots of fun growing as a team.”

Alexander Szyszko President / Founder of ASPE Inc.