Napkin printing machine

Printing Machines for NAPKIN

Printing on Napkin 1 color only

Once the napkin comes out of the napkin printing machine, the napkin is directly ready for packaging. The operators are going at a rate of 1200 units per hour. The napkin printing machine can match any human speed. This particular machine is equipped with 3 print heads, 3 flash units, and 8 custom pallets for holding down the napkins. Napkins add a personal touch to any event. They provide tabletop branding for your event whether business or personal. Great for weddings, birthday parties, and banquets


Substrate: Recycled paper

Speed: 1000-2000 pcs per hour

Finish: Soft hand feel, texture and appearance is optional

Pallet Adhesive: None

Mesh / Emulsion: High Mesh 200-305 mesh / Liquid

Similar Application(s): None

Special Instructions: Need to use a hold-down pallet. We do not use vacuum tables because they do not work on napkins

4 color Printed Napkins
Printed Napkin with a 2 collor printed Design

Product Videos

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