Shipping Policy

ShippingAs a manufacturer of high performance printing equipment for apparel and promotional products, we receive a high volume of order both domestically and internationally. We have made it extremely easy to find the best screen printer equipment in the world. Even so, some of our clients have expressed concern about our shipping rates and policies. Therefore, we have put together the following to help alleviate any of their concerns.


Shipping costs can be nearly unbearable, especially in the printing equipment market. Even with the best screen printer equipment in the world, if the costs of shipping are too much, you might pass us by. Therefore, we want you to know that we work non-stop to find the best shipping rates for our customers.

Southern California Orders

Southern California customers can avoid shipping costs if they decide to pick up their machine at our Temecula CA Facility or our Broker near San Diego.  Contact us for more details!

All Orders Not In Southern California

All other customers will have to pay shipping according to the area in which the product(s) will be delivered to. Our domestic shipping rates are extremely competitive, if not the best in our industry.

Shipping Details

All orders are shipped from California Mondays through Fridays before 4PM PST. We insure all of our product shipments in the event of accidental damage during delivery. If a product is damaged in any way, we will ship a replacement product to fulfill your order.

Shipping Costs

We work diligently to provide the best screen printer equipment and the best shipping rates for all of our clients. As we have clients both locally, and internationally, we understand that shipping rates can make or break any deal. Therefore, our company focuses on finding the lowest shipping rates in the world.

Of course, we could be like every other company out there. We could just pick one shipping provider and never worry about the rates, but we want your business.

We want to earn your business. We do not want to lose your business because of our shipping rates. Even though we have the best screen printer equipment in the world, we feel our shipping rates should be the best in the world too. Our competitors are not nearly as proactive as we are when it comes to finding the best shipping rates. That is why we feel you will want to use us for all of your high performance printing equipment for apparel and promotional products.



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