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ASPE Screen Printed Can Cooler with Can

The option to print Can Cooler (in some areas called koozie) can be printed on any machine, from the RapidTag LPSeries to the ASPE LPXL Series. You only need the corresponding pallets. This option expands your product palette and possibilities.

All Neoprene and foam can coolers are supposed to be the same size but are sewn in two different ways. This affects the loading of the can cooler for printing. While foam and neoprene can coolers are advertised to be 4 inches wide, they have different pallet sizes. Usually, the pallets are about 3.75 inches wide for a foam can cooler and about 3.5 inches for a neoprene cooler.

Screen printed Can Cooler
Can Cooler Printing with Puff Ink!!! - ASPE's RapidTag


screen Printed koozies
High Speed Can Cooler Printing - ASPE's RapidTag


Substrate: Neoprene & Foam

Speed: 1000-2000 pcs per hour

Finish: Appearance usually a 3-dimensional puff finish

Pallet Adhesive Not Needed for single color, it is needed for multi-color printing

Mesh / Emulsion Lower mesh 110-160 / Liquid

Similar: Application(s) Gloves, Socks

Special Instructions: Look at the flipping machine with automatic unloader

Can cooler High Speed Production - ASPE's RapidTag


Printing Both sides of a can cooler - ASPE's RapidTag

Flipping Machine

Can Cooler Printing Machine - ASPE's RapidTag