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Auto Take-Off

The standout feature of the RapidTag XL1 is the Take-Off (Auto-Loading System). This attachment automates the process of unloading the paper or any product, allowing operators to focus on quality control and other essential tasks.

RapidTag XL1

RapidTag XL1:
Paper Screen Printing with Take-Off

The XL1’s revolutionary auto-loading system and air dryer stations make it an efficient and versatile solution for your printing needs.

RapidTag XL1:
Sock Screen Printing with Take-Off

The ultimate solution for businesses looking to create high-quality anti-slip socks. with the Take-Off (AUTO-unloading system), you can increase your productivity.

RapdiTag XL1 Takeoff

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Rapidtag screen printing machines

With RAPIDTAG, you can reduce your production hours quickly and easily.

This system allows any shop to quickly and cost-effectively relabel garments and promotional products like never before, performing all necessary steps on-board so there is no need for additional equipment (such as a device for curing, etc).

We have 3 RapidTag models:

Rapidtag LP Series

Rapidtag XL Series

Rapidtag Custom Series

ASPE Printing Technologies the fastest screen printing equipment for the graphic and textile industries, setting the standard for innovation, quality, and service.

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