Printing Pallets for LP1, LP2, LP3 and LP4


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All Pallets are 8 inches long, please choose the width you need.

The LP1 uses 5 pallets, the LP2 and LP3 use 8 pallets, and the LP4 uses 10 pallets. The size of your print pallets should match the size of your squeegees and flood bars. NOTE: The maximum print size for the LP1 – LP4 is 6 inches.

Additional information

LP1-LP4 Pallet

Pallet 3.5 Inch (Neoprene Koozie), Pallet 3.75 Inch (Foam Koozie), Pallet 4 inch (Standard Tagless Pallet), Pallet 5 inch (Standard Tagless Pallet), Pallet 6 inch (Standard Tagless Pallet)


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