Why RapidTag Machines Are the Best for Printed Napkins

Napkins are a mainstay in catering and the service industry, used in cocktail bars, diners, and restaurants to keep diners’ fingers clean all across the globe. Custom-printed napkins are a great way to increase your brand synergy and image, also getting some subliminal marketing done to an existing customer base, along with being a great tool for celebrating special occasions. But finding the right napkin printing machine can be a challenge in and of itself. 

We’ve put together this blog to explain why RapidTag machines are the best option when it comes to producing printed napkins for your business, in terms of functionality, price, versatility, and more!

RapidTag Machines Are Perfect for All Run Sizes When Printing Napkins

One of the benefits of using a RapidTag Napkin Printing Machine for your branded materials is that the machine is suitable for small, medium, and large runs. This means you can create as many printed napkins as you need for the time, rather than having to deal with an extortionate minimum order or run quantity that another machine or business might enforce. 

The machine itself is smaller and less expensive than many of our competitors, making it a more practical and versatile choice for your facility. 

Screen Printing Allows for Versatile Designs in Napkin Printing

One of the main functions of the RapidTag Machine is screen printing, which takes the historic principles of the practice and applies them to creating stunning printed napkins. 

Screen printing is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to transfer a design to any fabric or surface, and it’s no different in the case of napkins. Along with this, if you have a few screen designs at the ready, interchanging them to create unique designs across your napkins is a simple and easy task. 

RapidTag Machines Have Foil Printing Capabilities

Beyond traditional screen printing, the RapidTag system also functions as a foil printing machine, which can add a shiny, glamorous dimension to your printed cocktail napkins. An ink design is great, but for weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions, it can be nice to push the boat out. 

Creating stunning, stand-out foil prints for napkins is just as quick and easy as ink screen printing with a RapidTag machine. With this feature, you can give your napkins images with that metallic shine to set them apart for the most important occasions. 

NEW RapidTag LP1 Foil Printing Machine - ASPE Printing Technologies

RapidTag Printed Napkins Are Ready for Use Straight Out of the Machine

One of the most time-consuming aspects of the screen and foil printing process for many machines is the curing that has to take place once the designs have been transferred, but with the RapidTag, this isn’t anything to worry about. Our unique printing process prints and cures in real-time, meaning the custom-printed napkins are ready to be packaged or used straight off the press. 

The added speed of this means that your overall production time will be cut down significantly, allowing you to either create more napkins in a working day or focus on other aspects of your business. 

RapidTag Machines Have Custom Pallets for Napkins

When printing napkins, you need the right pallets and holders to ensure that they don’t shift or move around throughout the process. Along with this, you need the pallets to be compatible with the different styles and sizes of napkins, whether you’re creating materials for a cocktail bar, lunch hall, or dinner service. 

Thankfully, our pallets are custom-made to work with all varieties of napkins, accounting for their multi-layered nature and ensuring a consistent product every single time. If the pallets aren’t perfect, the results of your run could be a waste of time, money, and effort. 

Silkscreen 4 Color Napkin printing - ASPE's RapidTag

Printing Napkins With RapidTag Machines Is Inexpensive

After you’ve purchased your printing machine, one of your primary production costs will be the inks and foil adhesives that you use to transfer your designs. The good news is that the processes and materials that the RapidTag Machine operate with are relatively inexpensive in the context of industry standards. 

Other forms of printing, such as inkjet printing can be very costly, but screen printing inks are significantly less expensive. Along with the literal materials that you’ll use being cheaper with the RapidTag system, the technology also allows you to use low mesh substrate screens to transfer the ink to the napkins, meaning that you’ll less ink in every production process. 

RapidTag Machines Are Fast and Efficient

When used properly, with the right level of expertise, RapidTag Printing Machines can produce massive quantities of finished products in no time at all. Of course, this requires some practice, but once you’ve gotten the hang of the device’s processes, you could produce up to 2000 finished printed napkins in just an hour. 

This level of production capacity is perfect for bigger events and settings, such as corporate dinners, busy bars, and larger catered day events. This, along with the product being finished post-print gives you plenty of time to focus on the different aspects of your business, while the ease of switching screens makes the machine perfect for outsourced printing jobs. 


With all of this information, it’s hard to think that there’s any better option for creating stunning custom-printed napkins. Whether you’re a company in the service or catering industry, or the printing firm those people turn to, choose a RapidTag Machine when it comes time to complete some napkin printing! 
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