Here’s why RapidTag Screen Printing is perfect for Tote Bags

If you’re in the business of selling stylish tote bags, you’ll likely want to impart a stunning design or designs onto them to maximize their visual appeal. Tote bags have been a part of function and fashion since the 1940s and they’re still massively popular today, with styles varying from the minimalistic to the extravagant. To properly decorate a tote bag, you need the perfect printing machine. 

We’ve put together this article to make a case for the RapidTag Screen Printing Machine as the ideal tool for tote bag printing, explaining how the device makes the process efficient, affordable, and effective. 

RapidTag for Tote Bags: Versatility in Ink

One of the reasons that a RapidTag machine is such a good choice for creating screen-printed tote bags is the versatility of options for the ink you choose to use. The choices can be boiled down to plastisol or water-based ink, each coming with its own benefits and drawbacks. 

Water-Based Screen Printing Ink

Water-based ink is a popular choice for screen printing in many capacities, being noted for its flexibility on bags and even packaging. It’s notable for its softness when applied to surfaces, giving tote bags a more natural look and feel once printed. However, it is known for being a slightly tricky ink to work with and can be a little more expensive than the alternatives.

Plastisol Screen Printing Ink

Plastisol ink is another popular choice, being an ink that’s essentially like a form of liquid plastic that quickly adheres and dries to surfaces. One might choose plastisol ink over water-based because of its reputation for being very easy to work with and affordable nature, but the results on a tote bag will be a little bulkier and raised. 

RapidTag for Tote Bags: Speed

RapidTag isn’t just a name when it comes to screen printing, it’s a promise. Once you’ve set up your machine and created the screens that you want to use for applying your designs, using the RapidTag Screen Printing Machine is a very fast and efficient process. 

With a RapidTag machine and your designs set in stone, you can print onto tote bags at a rate of 2000pcs per hour. This allows you to swiftly mass produce your product, which is perfect for larger orders. If you’re working with smaller orders, that leaves you with more time for other tasks!

RapidTag for Tote Bags: Reliable & Easy

Alongside speed, the RapidTag is perfect for screen printing onto tote bags because of how easy it is to set up and operate, while also being reliable time and time again. It may sound like a daunting task setting up and working with a piece of industrial machinery, but the RapidTag machine makes the process simple and easy, so even the less tech-savvy readers of this blog can produce stunning tote bags time and time again.

RapidTag for Tote Bags: Made for the Job

Beyond all the general aspects of the RapidTag machine that make it such a great choice for printing onto tote bags, you can trust that the device is actually made with this job in mind. While it’s perfectly suited to t-shirts and other garments, the RapidTag is designed with an opening where you can lay down the handles of the tote bags. 

This means you can comfortably introduce the whole bag to the machine, knowing full well that the handles won’t interrupt the process whatsoever, which isn’t the case for all screen printing machines. 

RapidTag for Tote Bags: Curing Ink Screen Printing

A RapidTag Screen Printing Machine is all you need for the entire screen printing process. Just like how we said it was rapid in both name and nature for the printing itself, the same exact principle goes for the curing or drying process. 

With many screen printing machines, you have to wait for the ink to cure or dry with time, or alternatively put it through a specific curing machine before your tote bag or garment is ready to be packaged and sent off to the masses. On the other hand, when you use a RapidTag, your tote bag comes out fully cured and dried, meaning the fast process produces finished products on the first go, saving you time during manufacturing. 

RapidTag for Tote Bags: Size

In the 21st century, owning or renting property can be an expensive game. Industrial rentals in the US generally cost around $8 per square foot, which might make it sound like operating machinery would be very expensive from a property standpoint. However, with the speed, efficiency, and size of the RapidTag, you could potentially save yourself a fair chunk. 

The RapidTag Screen Printing Machine is small and compact, meaning that it doesn’t need much space to be fully operational. You could produce a massive amount of tote bags with a minimal amount of room, even potentially doing it at home if your space allows for it. 

Final Thoughts

The way we see it, there’s no better option than the RapidTag when it comes to producing stunningly screen-printed tote bags. Using our machine, you can produce your printed bags in no time at all, in minimal space, and using the ink of your choice, with reliably amazing results every single time. 
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