Why RapidTag Machines Are the Best for Printed Napkins

Napkins are a mainstay in catering and the service industry, used in cocktail bars, diners, and restaurants to keep diners’ fingers clean all across the globe. Custom-printed napkins are a great way to increase your brand synergy and image, also getting some subliminal marketing done to an existing customer base, along with being a great … Read more

Here’s why RapidTag Screen Printing is perfect for Tote Bags

If you’re in the business of selling stylish tote bags, you’ll likely want to impart a stunning design or designs onto them to maximize their visual appeal. Tote bags have been a part of function and fashion since the 1940s and they’re still massively popular today, with styles varying from the minimalistic to the extravagant. … Read more

RapidTag Screen Printing vs Pad Printing for Tagless Labels

When it comes to adorning your t-shirts, pants, linens, or other garments with tagless labels, there’s one major battle that manufacturers have to consider – screen printing vs pad printing technology. Each of these methods has its own benefits and drawbacks when it comes to production time, setup cost, material cost, and the quality of … Read more